Did Follicular Units Removed During FUE Surgery will Grow Again?


The follicular units removed from scalp during the FUE hair transplant surgery will never grow again, these units are lost permanently.

If anyone wants that the extracted follicles should regrow after the transplant surgery, then the procedure of extraction is altered with a simple trick.

During extraction of follicular units from donor area, the follicles are divided in to two parts and a little portion of stem cell is left behind in the scalp.

This will enable the regeneration and re-growth of follicular units in the donor region after the extraction.

The method above is at theoretical stage still now, and some further research and development is required for the splitting of follicular units and creating 2 follicles from a single hair.

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FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai
12th October, 2016 08:36 PM
fue hair transplant extraction machine. We are routinely utilizing 0.9 to 1.00 mm punch estimate. In the event that you need to see benefactor region recuperating

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