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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the technique for extracting the follicular units from the donor area in the hair transplant surgery. In FUE extraction of follicular units is done by a special instrument which makes a small circular incision in the scalp skin around the follicular unit, this separates the hair from the surrounding tissue. The individual follicular unit is then pulled from the scalp, this leaves a tiny hole in the skin.

The collection of donor hair takes more time in FUE hair transplant, but it also depends upon the area which needs hair restoration. The collection of Follicular Units may take 2 or 3 hours in a single session, and number of session depends on the required quantity of follicular units for the planned hair transplant. The small incisions in the scalp after FUE are about 0.9mm in size and heal over a time of about 7-10 days.

FUE is differentiated from FUT by the technique of harvesting donor hairs, FUE involves one by one collection of hairs from scalp; on the other hand in FUT (follicular unit transplant) a strip of scalp skin is taken out with hairs, then the individual follicular units are dissected from this strip with the help of a stereo microscope.

The recipient area is then prepared for FUE transplantation, small openings are (recipient sites) made on scalp with the help of a special instrument having a needle point. The extracted follicular units are then placed in these openings at the required angle, now these hairs will convert into healthy growing hairs after a period of time. This procedure is same in both FUE and FUT techniques; the difference is in the look of donor area and in the quantity and quality of grafts collected from donor area.

After Your FUE Hair Transplant

It is recommended for few nights that while you sleep, your head should be lifted on pillows. Some medicines are also given for sleep and to overcome the pain (if required), generally no antibiotics are required after the surgery. The next morning after your hair transplant, you have to shower and shampoo your head three times in that day.

You should come to our office for this purpose, but it is OK if you live at a distant place, and if you can manage it easily at your home. You should shower your scalp 2 times in a day for next 7 days, the transplanted area should be clean gently with the special shampoo.

The showering should be quite gentle for the first 7-8 days after the hair transplant, you can use normal combing and other hair cares after 10-12 days. If you want to dye your hairs, you can do it after 30 days of FUE hair transplant surgery, you can also have a hair cut by this time if needed.

Avoid smoking for about 15 days, and don’t be bare head in strong sunlight. Use a ‘Hat’ to avoid the exposure of head to sunlight, avoid all other activities which can pose a straight pressure on the scalp.
You should visit the clinic as scheduled with Dr. Nasir Rasheed to examine the recovering behavior of your scalp, if the instructions are followed carefully the transplant surgery is barely detectable after 10-12 days.

If you have any further queries about FUE hair Transplant, or about the Post-operative instructions then you can contact Hair Club Pakistan to answer your questions.


Comparing FUE Transplant & FUT

People normally consider FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) as two different techniques for hair transplant surgery. In fact the both techniques are same but the difference lies in the method which is used for the collection of hairs from the donor area. So you can define both methods by the techniques which are used in both of them for the extraction of follicular units from the donor area.

On the same side, the method which is used for the collection of grafts can greatly influence on total number of grafts collected, quality of grafts collected and the results obtained from the transplant surgery. The harvesting technique used in FUT allows the doctor to separate the high quality grafts from the available hairs in the strip (This drawback is overcome in Robotic FUE).

In FUT surgeon can utilize the permanent part of the donor area, but this can also be done with FUE. To understand these concepts you can read the articles on Utilizing Donor Hairs and Graft Quality.

You can also read the article written on the Pros and Cons of FUE to deeply understand both of the techniques. This will also help you in deciding that which technique is best for your hair transplant surgery at Hair Club Pakistan.

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Malik Sultan Baber
16th November, 2015 08:03 AM
Dear Sir,

I am completely hairless on head since childhood with no hair no right, left and back sides of head. This is genetically from my maternal forefathers.

I have already consult with a hair transplant expert but he advised me that my hair transplant is not possible even through FUE or it may require medication which may deteriorate my health.

It is pertinent to mention that i have normal hair growth on other parts of body i.e. mustache, beard etc.

Please let me know the possibility of my hair transplant.


Malik Sultan Baber

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