Should The Color Of Donor Hairs Match With The Color Of Recipient Area Hairs For Transplant Surgery?


The color of donor hairs might be an issue for some patients which can influence the final look of your hairs. Some patients have more early appearing of white hairs at sides or at the back side of head; both are the donor areas. On the other hand some of patients have a slight difference in the color of hairs might be darker or lighter at the back or sides if compared to the top of the head.

The solution to this problem which is generally adopted by the surgeons is to avoid the extraction of white hairs from donor areas for hair transplant surgery. For patients with a mix of black and white hairs in the donor area, the technique used to maintain the natural look of hairs in the recipient area is to mix the black and white hairs.

The mixing of black and white hairs to get the grey look of hairs depends on the skills of surgeon, so always choose the best doctor for your hair transplant surgery. The procedure includes first sorting out the white and dark hairs under a microscope and then transplants them in random manners while keeping in mind about the look of donor area.

Surgeries with small sessions at recipient area shows more natural results, while patients with large recipient areas get very close look to natural hairs. In patients with small region of the most feasible method to extract hairs from donor area is FUE, in this technique you can restrict yourself with the darker hairs consequently there will be no issue for mixing white hairs in it.

Every patient faces change of hairs color from dark to white over the years, after the hair transplant you may face the changing of hairs color which then results into disturbing the final distribution of hair color. In these cases the solution to overcome this look of hairs is ‘DYING’ this is quite simple way to maintain the look of transplanted hairs.

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