Is Hair Transplant Is An Option For Older Patients Facing Hair Loss


A person asked a question from us, can old men & women can get hair transplant for treating hair loss or hair transplant is only for young person. Many people are concerned about their personality and look even in their old age like 60s and 70s.

The clinics here I have recommended on this page have the high expertise for hair transplant surgery, Dr. Nasir Rasheed treated many old patient which come to their clinics for hair loss treatment.

A little issue while performing the transplant surgery for old persons is the mix of grey and white hairs, which should be monitored carefully to get the natural look of hair line. Another fact with older patients is that, they are on some medical prescription for their health issues.

So for a safe hair transplant with such types of patients we need to monitor the complete procedure quite closely to make sure that the surgery remains safe. The hair grows naturally and heals in the same way as it does in young persons.


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Manisha Arora
19th May, 2016 05:10 AM
A man age 55 or older may have some chronic medical conditions that need to be taken into account prior to a surgical procedure such as hair transplantation. Such conditions seldom pose a serious risk; taking account of them reduces potential risk. The physician hair restoration specialist is a fully trained physician who can take such conditions into account, and consult professionally with a patient's other physicians if necessary.

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